Guiding Principles

Best People, Best Team, Safety & Ethics Always, Customer Loyalty

Vision & Strategy


Fuel the passion of riders, workers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world by delivering innovative, high-quality vehicles, products, services and experiences that enrich their lives.

Strategic Purpose

Polaris is commited to being a customer-centric, highly efficient growth company. We relentlessly pursue product superiority, safety and value improvement in all we do. We enhance the lives of customers around the world by providing the best off-road and on-road vehicles and related offerings for recreation, transportation and work. Our winning advantages are our innovative culture and dedicated team, operational speed and flexibility, and passion to create quality products and experiences.

Performance Priorities

Growth, Margin Expansion, Product & Quality Leadership, LEAN Enterprise

Strategic Objectives

Best in Powersports Plus
Industry leading organic growth

Growth Through Adjacencies
Strategic acquisitions and new market expansion

Accelerating Global Growth
Probability increase International revenue %

Safety & Quality As A Competitive Advantage
Continuously drive customer and dealer satisfaction

Productivity Powerhouse
Consistently improve earnings, leverage and asset utilization